The magic ingredient

Several years ago I was involved in a programme of work that tried to do agile at scale (small scale, 4-5 teams). At that time most of us that were driving the change agenda thought we had a million and one things to fix, so after reaching a milestone in the plan and finding something that […]

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Bare people and empty containers

An example of how well the DevOps team was doing spreading their practices was recently used to encourage us who work with people to repeat their success. As much as I would like to follow their methods of innovating and introducing new things I’m struggling with it. As per the title, I think my biggest […]

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Only flow is important

I had this struggle in my head about dealing with interruptions/disruptions in the sprint for a very long time now. We and I have tried all kinds of process/people changes to prevent anything impacting what we do for the two weeks of work we committed, given it a goal, priorities to and called it a […]

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Never stop never stopping

Yesterday I had a good lesson from one of my teammates about the pace of change and feeling of having a goal that is so far away that it seemed like a good one 🙂 That was shattered the moment he showed me this. Up until that moment, I thought if we get to “there” […]

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Fix the problem

Today I stopped myself from hiding a problem. I already had a message typed in that would allow me to get the right tools and access to take on a task that is painful and seen as a blocker by the team. Yes, you guessed it, I was going to do our deployments 🙂 But […]

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Know your mission

Are you able to articulate it to a person in a single sentence? Are the current, next sprint and releases moving you towards the goal? Is your mission and the business case aligned? If you got at least one “No”, you’re probably in trouble … big trouble, trust me.

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Fix me

If your team is broken: Pull the ANDON cord Check you have a definition of good and bad At regular intervals check where you are

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