Never stop never stopping

Yesterday I had a good lesson from one of my teammates about the pace of change and feeling of having a goal that is so far away that it seemed like a good one 🙂

That was shattered the moment he showed me this.

Up until that moment, I thought if we get to “there” we’d be good … better even, we’d be great. How foolish was I? Turns out very.

Somehow I forgot about the rules of continuous improvement, in our struggle to reach the goal so remote I made an assumption that once we get there, we’ll be done. No more change, just turning the handle. Continuous operation seemed easy compared to pains of continuous improvement.

That revelation that we will never stop puts a new challenge ahead of me now – how do you prepare yourself and a team to never stop, to keep looking for better and challenge ourselves and others?

My answer so far is to create a vision and mission ahead of us that can make all this effort worthwhile and fun. To dig deeper into why we do things and who we are. Not to focus on what we do and how we do things. If the journey never stops you need something else as a true north, a guiding star … a constant in the life of a team.


Wasn’t planning on this “grandiose” ending.

If you think the title is silly – I borrowed from this. I was looking for a good way to use it 🙂


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