A start

Hi Everyone,

For a very long time a friend of mine was trying to encourage me to write. I can only guess that is a rather common thing but had to be siad – thanks Clarke.

This blog is going to be about making things better. You have probably read or seen similar ones and very likely I am not going to have any groundbreaking thoughts here but you just never know, do you?

Funnily enough the tile of this blog comes from a quote in a movie that is now plaing in the background where an alcoholic shares with a group – “I dring and stuff”. Somehow I think I am simillar. I have this urge and need to keep heping others. Similar to alcohol it is rather addictive and can have bad implications to your personal life 🙂

So apart from the introductions, what do I have? … Not sure. But that will be it for today. Hope to speak to you soon. Something rattles in my head that I should do this daily so it might be soon.

Too all that had a busy Saturday morning like me launching a new verison of their product – that is what we thrive on, right? 🙂

Enjoy the weekend.


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